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 Designed To 7X The Earnings Per Click of Emails You Send or Affiliate who Send On Your Behalf

Instead of getting .70, $1.25, $2.50 a click,
imagine knocking down $4.50 up to $15.00

A comprehensive system for the marketer seeking up to 7x the returns from their own emails, social media posts, or from affiliates who email your offers

The price of this product is in the 4 figures.  Do not buy it if you can't afford it.  There are NO income claims made.  The average buyer of products usually doesn't implement  and therefore doesn't make money.  Your results are yours, not mine so there is no income implied nor promised.

I do promise to tell you what I do, how I do it and show you the results I get.

If that doesn't scare you away and you like what you read below, contact me on for the current price and ordering info.

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Marlon here.

If you would like to knock down $5, $7 up to $15 every time someone clicks on a link you send in an email, or affiliates send for you, read this letter very carefully.

It’s going to be very important to you in the next 90 days.

It can also work when used on social media posts if you have a following.

No matter if you send an email to your own list or an affiliate emails their list on your behalf, imagine getting up to $15.00 a click.

I call this my 7X Method because it allows me to make up to 7X the money every time someone clicks my link.

I’ll show you proof of that in a minute.

Over the past 25 years of sending emails, this method has slowly evolved, as I put it together piece-by-piece.

It literally took over 25 years for this method to develop.

As a result, it’s an elite strategy not used by other marketers as they simply don’t have my background, list or testing experience.

You’ve probably tried different methods to get sales by email as I have. You tried a soap opera sequence but found people only read 2 out of 5 emails, so they got lost.

The thing is, people aren’t sitting at their inbox waiting for your next email in the sequence to show up. And if I want a soap opera, which I don’t, but if I did, I’d turn on TV.

You tried story emails. People read the emails and were entertained. They just didn’t click and buy. And not only that, it’s consuming to write a decent story email.

It’s true a few writers with big followings use this method. But chances are, if you tried it, people just weren’t in any hurry to buy.

If you’re really deep down the rabbit hole, you might have tried gain, fear, loss emails. But your epc’s never approached $5, $7 or $15 a click as I’m going to show you right now.

Here’s the scoop:

As you can see from the screen cap below, normally when I send an email to my list, I get .75, $1.50 to $2.50 every time someone clicks.

That may not sound like much but over a month, those clicks add up. You can take the amount of money you make in a month, divide it by the number of clicks you got on your emails, from affiliates and from social media.

And you know your earnings per click.

The column on the right is the visitor value. For example, you can see that

on Warriorplus, Writer’s Secret averaged $1.27 per click. And Bizarre Niches averaged only .55 a click.

Notice that the percent conversions are 2%, 1% and so forth.

This is BEFORE I discovered the 7X System.

And here are several examples of AFTER I developed the system:

Both of these came in at $5 visitor value. So each click made $5. This isr eally good.

This was a RE-LAUNCH of the Fast Start System. The affiliate got around a $6 visitor value. In other words, for each click he or she sent was worth $6. Half that goes to the affiliate.

Secret Honeypot got $4.84. Affiliates as a whole who mailed the Fast Start System New got $4.87 epcs.

Notice that the conversion rates range from a low of 6% to 13%.

Here are two more:

Here’s my re-launch for the new version of the Fast Start System.

This was a RE-LAUNCH of the Fast Start System. The affiliate got around a $6 visitor value. In other words, for each click he or she sent was worth $6. Half that goes to the affiliate.

And here’s the results from an affiliate who mailed:

Now, to be fair, sometimes the numbers come in around $3.50 epcs. But hardly ever lower than that. For example, Affiliate Cash Secrets came in at $3.77.

That’s still pretty darned good compared to the BEFORE numbers I showed you.

My last launch ended last week. It wasn’t a particularly eye-popping one as people weren’t crazy about my product idea.

But even with that, I still got $5.05 a click and 11% conversions.

By comparison, here are the top products by “pulse score” on Warriorplus right now:

Notice the visitor values go as low as 72 cents!

Where Does The $15 EPC Come In?

So this is pretty bizarre.

Normally the longer you do the promotion, the lower your earnings per click go.

But what’s so mind blowing is the longer you mail, typically the HIGHER the epc’s go.

So on day 7 or 8, it’s not surprising to see the EPC’s be $14 or $15 per click! That’s INSANE.

Here’s a screen cap I sent one affiliate late in the campaign:

That’s after he mailed 7 or 8 days. 14% conversions and $10.38 per click. He made as high as $15 as I recall.

Imagine being an affiliate and getting $11 for every click you send. How many clicks do you think you might send?

Which do you want?

$1 a click? Or $10 a click?

$2 a click? Or 4$-$6 a click?

So at $6 a click, if you send or get 166 clicks to your offer, that’s a cool $1,000!

But if you only get $1.00 a click, that’s only $166.

Do you want the grand? Or 1 dot 6 spot?

Here’s my last launch.

That’s an 11% conversion rate and $5.05 epc or revenue per hop. Pretty darned good for a mediocre launch.

Think about it



But with one method you get $2 or less earnings per click.

Tack on the 7X method and that rockets to $5 all the way up to $10 and even $15.

You Could Even Do This On Social Media

If you have a page, profile, group, Twitter/X or Linked In where people read your posts, you could employ this SAME strategy there.

I’ve seen it done with big numbers made.

A click is a click is a click as long as the prospect is legitimate.

What The 7X System Is NOT

It’s important to understand what the 7X System is NOT.

  1. It does NOT involve “washing traffic” through a bonus page in order to falsely improve your earnings per click. It has absolutely nothing to do with that.

  2. It does NOT involve tricks or gimmicks that won’t last.

  3. It’s NOT something you’ve heard others teach or seen on Youtube.

  4. It cannot sell a dead duck. If your offer is a dead duck, it won’t quack, and it won’t make sales. The core offer has to be something that people want and will buy.

  5. It does NOT involve soap opera sequences, storytelling or any of the methods normally taught.

  6. No, you cannot learn this method for free.

  7. No, it’s not a cheap method sold for a few dollars where everyone uses it and causes it to be common knowledge.

What’s The Secret Behind The 7X Discovery?

It took me 25 years of experimentation to figure this out and the exact combination.

I combined 4 powers into a SUPER POWER:

  1. The power of scarcity
  2. The power of Bonuses
  3. The power of Close outs
  4. The power of a price increase

I combined these 4 powers into the Ultimate Super Power!

Here’s the BIG PROBLEM with promoting offers that the 7X System solves.

It’s called THE DIP.

And here’s what it looks like:

As you can see, this is called The Dip.

Let’s say you send 7 emails for an offer.

Email 1: does just OK because people are just getting exposed to the idea.

Email 2: does OK. But people are putting off ordering because there’s no urgency.

Email 3: loses momentum as there’s no reason to buy now

Email 4: has the same problem.

Email 5: is a little better

Email 6: is better

Email 7: on closing day does great.

But what if you injected the 7x system. Here’s what the looks like:

Email 1: Great

Email 2: Better

Email 3: Better

Email 4: Better

Email 5: Better

Email 6: Better

Email 7: Crushed it

THAT is the power of the 7X System.

One: You eliminate the Dip.

Two: You strap a rocket onto the emails that powers your sales

Here Are Benefits You’ll Experience

  • Benefit 1: You have confidence going into an email or social media promotion that it will sell.
  • Benefit 2: You don’t waste time trying to think up clever stories to getpeople to buy
  • Benefit 3: You actually experience higher earnings per click the longer you mail your list. The earnings per click often just keep increasing. It’s notunusual to get $14 or $15 a click toward the end of the email sequence.
  • Benefit 4: You don’t experience that frustrating dip after you’ve sent a few emails.
  • Benefit 5: Affiliates have an incentive to email every day VS. just for the opening and closing. As they see their epc’s going up, it’s motivation to mail more.
  • Benefit 6: You aren’t stuck running a 3 email sequence like gain, fear loss.what do you send after you’ve sent those 3 emails? It’s a big question mark. But with the 7x System, you know EXACTLY what to mail each day for as long as you want to mail the offer.
  • Benefit 7: There’s urgency to order from the very first email without false scarcity. Some people hate false scarcity. You will have NO worries about that!
  • Benefit 8: Your customers will LOVE YOU for doing these promotions.This is the best thing ever for them.
  • Benefit 9: If you run the 7X System for an affiliate product, you'll stand out head and shoulders above all the other affiliates. And your earnings perclick should soar compared to other affiliates. You’ll have the power to win affiliate contests and leaderboards with much smaller lists.
  • Benefit 10: The emails are really easy to write. And I give you swipe files but walk you through the psychology that makes them work so effectively.
  • Benefit 11: In all probability you’ll be the ONLY person in your niche using this method. I’ve DELIBERATELY priced the 7X System so that only a small number of people will own it. That way, every Tom, Dick and Harry won’t be doing it. And while people could try to copy you, I haven’t had that happen yet. AND they wouldn’t understand the 101 nuances anyway.
  • Benefit 12: Stop being frustrated or confused about what to send, how tosend it, and how to get the most profit from the least effort.

Here Are The Discoveries In Store For You

  1. What causes The Dip and how do you counteract it?
  2. How do you avoid being accused of false scarcity?
  3. How do you re-launch the same promotion with strong sales again?
  4. How many emails do you send for a single offer?
  5. What do you do if the response isn’t what you desire?
  6. What’s the secret of high earnings per click (It’s not what you think)
  7. How can you keep momentum increasing even if you’re promoting an offer 7 to 12 days? What about 15?
  8. What’s the secret that allows you to write unbelievably effective and profitable emails fast?
  9. How do you cause the earnings per click to continually increase during a series of emails for one offer?
  10. When do you use a summary email, why and how?
  11. How do you run promotions like this on social media instead or in addition to email? How can you sync of up the emails with social media?
  12. How do you squeeze MORE juice out of a close out?
  13. Should you email for the close out 1 day, 2 days or 3 days? Why and how?
  14. Should you add a bonus to a promotion? When? How? How often? How much? Or not at all?
  15. What one word must you NOT use or you’ll destroy your promotion?
  16. What color works best for the special promotion? Where and how do you use it?
  17. At what point do you add 4 “NEW” elements to your offer, when, how and why?
  18. Should a timer be used in an offer? If so, when, why and how? If not, why not?
  19. What subject lines work the best and why? When do you use which subject line? How do you know?
  20. Should your starting price be the same as the ending price? Or should it increase or decrease? If so, when, how and why?
  21. Should you do a soft or hard close out? Or leave the offer open but with a modification? Why or why not?
  22. If doing a close out, what should you put in the headline? How should you change it? What size of font?
  23. What is the clever maneuver you can make that will provide up to 10 streams of traffic for your offer?
  24. What is the bizarre ordering pattern that usually occurs if you do a close out day?
  25. How do you continually get new people on your list interest in your offer? Hint: It only takes a few minutes.
  26. What are the 2 vital ingredients you combine to overcome The Dip? And how do you synchronize them?
  27. What do you do with an email you send that spikes sales?
  28. Where can you get an unlimited supply of the “magical elixir” for your promotion?
  29. How do you keep a promotion rolling for as long as you want it to roll and keep it profitable? At what point do you stop or close the promotion? How do you know if it’s time?
  30. Why do normal methods doom a promotion to subpart earnings per click?
  31. If you do a new launch or promotion for an existing product, do you mail in advance or just let it rip? What do you do to make it sell just as good as the first time out the gate?

I could go on and on.

But as you can see, this is no normal promotion method.

Nor is it information sold or even known by others.

Question:  Why the price higher than your other products?

Answer:  This is an elite conversion method I myself rely on for income. I do NOT want 1,001 people doing this method and teaching it in a $10 Warriorplus or Digistore offer, which are you are forbidden from doing.  I ONLY want this in the hands of a small number of serious players.

You only need 1 good offer to your list to pay for this if you have a good list.  Easy peasy.  It's a no-brainer for the right person.

Question:  Can't I find out about this on Youtube?

Answer:  You are not allowed to publish this method in any video on Youtube.  I'm originated this method and no one else does it to my knowledge.

Question:  I don't know if I can afford it

Answer:  Don't get it.  Learn the basics first.

Question:  Are there any guarantees?

Answer:  All sales are final. But I do guarantee I use this method and it works.

Question:  Can't I figure this out on my own?

Answer:  I teach 101 nuances. And it would take a great deal to go through the learning curve I have.   What you're buying from me are alll the small nuances I've learned as well as the overall system.

Yes, please send me your 168 page print manual.  And give me access to the bonuses. I understand there is no digital copy of the manual. And all sales are final.  Approximate shipping is 2 weeks.

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Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders 

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