Here's Your 5 For 1 Secret and Tricks

How I Got 100 Pages of Testimonials

This video contains 1 trick I don't think I've ever revealed in a product.  And it's a really good one.

The quickie sales page template that always works for me

I love this little template and use it all the time. It's so fast and easy. And it always converts for me.  Highly recommend it.

1 click photo background removal

I use the daylights out of this method.  LOVE IT.  Click here to use it.

The 1 click blurry photo background method (bokeh)

This is so cool. And if you don't wanna fork over $1k for the iphone with dslr type lenses, it's perfect.  Use it here.

Talking head video on top of web pages

How I do videos where I'm on top of the web page talking with NO background