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Sample topics

> How Ben H. made $90,000 a month from a free book? (case study)
> How do you suck leads off of Linked In and Twitter (what's the secret?)
> How to write a winning headline using the 4 U's
> My actual social media, Linked In, FB group, Twitter and Youtube stats after 1 week of seed sowing.
> How to approach affiliates and JV's.
> Let's see where you're weakest at so you can get a fast BOOST in response and results.
> Cast your bread upon the waters: PROOF IT WORKS
The amazing secret of "front door" offers
> How many front doors do yo need?
> The Project- Pull - Promote Formula For Making Sales
> Set your money plan for the week
> 3 steps to quintiple the number of people you reach
> How to get 20 to 100 on your list on demand
> The real difference maker no one gets
> A simple system to create offers that sell big