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ASL #66 -- Three Secrets To Sales Copy That
Gets You More Affiliate Sales
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Today I want to share things I’ve learned about writing copy that gets sales over the years.

When I started out writing copy, I was terrible.

Actually, my words weren’t terrible.  But they weren’t matched to the MARKET.

I wrote a brochure for my dad’s TV business.

The headline was something like “I double dog dare you to X”.

Which actually isn’t a bad headline for the RIGHT audience.

But my dad was selling TV service to hotels based mostly on word of mouth.  All he needed was a little credibility building piece.  No one taught me that.  They just taught how to write hard core direct response.

This first lesson I learned is called:

LESSON ONE:  Making your message match the audience

It can be a challenge to get your MESSAGE to match your MARKET.

The simple STEP here is to answer a few questions:

a.  Are you branding or seeking a response?

In my dad’s case, it was essentially branding. There were only 30 hotels in Oklahoma City and he had met all the managers.  All he needed was a nice credibility-presenting piece.

The TONE of your copy needs to match the communication goal.

If you’re selling to entrepreneurs, don’t write like a lawyer.

If you’re selling to lawyers, don’t sound like a TV ad.

b.  If you’re seeking a response, what PROMISE will communicate to the audience?

You’ve got to be bold to get attention.

There’s a right time and place for a performance guarantee of some sort, like a guarantee of money back if a condition isn’t met.

I have talked before about the car dealership promotions that promise up to $4,000 over blueback value for your trade in.

That’s a BOLD promise.

Or real estate agents that promise:  “Your home sold in 120 days or I’ll buy it.”

Key action:  Tailor your message to the audience so it resonates with them and is on the same frequency they are

As an AFFILIATE, you can ADAPT or adjust the promise of the product you're promoting TO your audience.  You're the TRANSLATOR who translates the benefits of the product or service you're promoting to the specific wants and needs of your audience.

You understand your audience better than anyone else.

Which leads us to …

LESSON TWO:  You need a promise that gets attention and is a bit different

An Example of a Extremely Bold 2X Guarantee

A coach might promise, “I guarantee you’ll get your first sale, or I’ll get  on the phone and close a coaching deal for you.”

I saw one today for a $1,000 membership program with a double-your-money-back guarantee. 

In this case, that means the buyer would get $2,000 back.

Of course, there are stipulations. They have to watch all the trainings, attend 2 group coaching calls, participate in the Facebook group, run 3 ads following instructions and document their action steps.

Most people won’t do those things. And if they do, they have a decent chance of doubling that amount they paid for the program, which is the guarantee.

This is a bold promise that has oomph to it.  But I doubt he’s had to pay out on the guarantee more than a few times.

In the U.S. for legal reasons, you actually WANT to pay out to a couple people to PROVE you had a legitimate guarantee.

I’ve heard examples that ran into legal troubles because the stipulations were so strict, virtually no one could take advantage.

For example, I remember hearing about a real estate course where they promised to buy deals you found that met the criteria.

HOWEVER, they criteria were SO strict they never bought ANY deals.  Or only a couple.  That’s a bit different than a money back guarantee.

The guideline is add stipulations but make them REASONABLE and not TOO strict.

Jay Abraham calls this risk reversal. And in his various trainings he gives many examples for consumer and business-to-business situations.

Jay Abraham gives all kinds of shades and varieties of risk reversal. He has some books and programs on Amazon if you want to check them out.

What you’re looking for in a performance guarantee is something that others do NOT make (and perhaps are scared to).  And that makes your audience TAKE NOTICE.

What could you GUARANTEE in terms of a result that others don’t?  Could you make it “safe” to promise by adding some reasonable stipulations?

Key action:  Find a promise you can make that gets attention and isn’t the same old, same old

As an AFFILIATE, look for products to promote that make a big but juistifiable promise that appeals to YOUR target audience.

The more you promote products, the more you'll be tuned into the things they want to buy. And you can select products that have prommises which appeal to your audience.

LESSON THREE: Look for unusual ideas you can adapt to YOUR marketing

I learned this from Jay Abraham.

Adapt ideas from businesses in other industries.

For example, in my city, we now have a “5-minute oil change.”

That’s a good USP.

So you ask yourself:  “What could I promise in 5 minutes or in a very short time span compared to what others do it in?”

I’ve told the story before about the 1-hour dress workshops that Singer sewing machine did back in the day.

That was a SHOCKING promise at the time. And greatly needed and appreciated.

At a high level, you’re showing that what the audience thought was an objection isn’t.

You can easily understand women in the old days feeling like it’d take too much time to sew their own dress.

So a demonstration of doing it in 1 hour was a real game changer.

It proved the objection was false.

In Internet marketing, people have done webinars for the “1 hour business.”

This is a very simple example.  But it’ll get the point home.

You’re out at a shopping mall.  You walk by the food court and are offered some teriyaki chicken on a toothpick.  You take a bit.  Mmmmm.

It tastes really good.

So you end up ordering.

Pre Covid19 we’ve all done that.  Nowadays it’s a bit different because the person offering the sample is in a hazmat suit!

Anyway, you see the SAMPLING idea and think, “WOW, I could give a SAMPLE or TASTE or my product or service.”


You come up with a way people can TASTE your product or service and it’s a winner.

One idea I’ve seen used before is called “the penalty.”

You tell people there will be a PENALTY to you if people aren’t happy.

So you can offer to donate money to some political cause you hate or something like that.

I had a promise where I promised to send a picture of me kissing an elephant’s tail end if they weren’t happy.


That was a real challenge to get that picture.

Key action:  Keep your eyes open all the time for marketing ideas you can borrow and adapt

How to Make The Most Money With This

The main thing is to realize that people buy because a product promises a benefit or result they want.  And they believe the product can help them.

When you presell an affiliate product or do a review of it, you highlight this promise and explain to your target audience how it relates to them in particular.

Again, you are the translator of the benefits of the product to the people you're offering it to.  

When you're looking at affiliate products, ask yourself what their USP or unique sellilng proposition is.  In other words, what makes the product or service different from all the others.

In your review, you want to emphasize this.

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