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BONUS ONE:  How to Go From Broke To Prosperity

  • Why people eat too much and how to lose weight and enjoy doing it.

  • How to stop smoking, if you want to and why most approaches don't seem to work.

  • How to stop sabotaging your success

  • Why accidents seem to follow you around

  • Why you have bad luck and how to create your own good luck at will

  • How to overcome psychological problems that even psychologists haven't helped you with

  • How to get addicted to exercise in a positive way

  • How to unleash your money genius within

  • Why you're tired all the time

  • The way you really get more energy

  • Why you have problems in relationships with people, your spouse or at work

  • How to feel better, happier, more energized even if you've been to a psychologist and it just didn't seem to help.

  • Why your life is broken and how to fix i

    BONUS TWO:  The 6 1/2 Hour Product Launch

  • How I've created and launched products using the 6 1/2 hour method that went on to sell 1,000 copies -- and more.  (Obviously, my results aren't typical and yours will vary.)

  • What is the 6-step cookie cutter method you just repeat over and over until you can do it in your sleep?  (Your friends and family will marvel at how "prolific" you are!)\

  • Is it HYPE to say that you can you make money on "virtual overnight?"  Is there any truth to it AT ALL?  Or is sit the greatest lie ever told?

  • How do you avoid chasing rabbits that can costs you thousands and thousand of dollars sand swipe days, months and years from you and your future goals?  (People might as well snort cocaine as to buy these products, software programs and methods.  They both end up in the same destination...HADES)

  • What is the "toothpaste" product creation system and how does it cause you to produce new product ideas as easy as brushing your teeth? (Stop agonizing over product ideas and use this method instead)

  • What is the headline-writing formula that almost "can't miss?"  You'll write headlines that sell in minutes using this formula.

  • The 1 URL you must know to become a bullet-point writing machine that would make Gary Halbert drool!

  • What about members area software? Shopping carts?  Password protection?

  • Where do you get the BEST bonus ideas from that you can create in only minutes?

BONUS Three:  The Guru Formula:  How to Become a Guru or Recognized Expert In Your Field of Choice

This is a rare call that was only done once.  I doubt I'll ever repeat it.

This is me laying down secrets of the "guru business" you only know from being on the inside.

The Guru Creation Formula

  • How do you start from scratch and become a "guru"?
  • How do you gain respect?
  • Can you become a guru WITHOUT doing product launches?
  • Where to get the guru training book hardly anyone knows about

2: My Credibility buster formula

  • The wrong kind of credibility will waste your time and money
  • How to start getting the right kind of credibility immediately
  • Break through the #1 mental barrier that stops people

3: How to stair step your way to guru profits

  • Why you can start on step one almost immediately
  • The exact sequence of steps you can take for big results and profits
  • What no one teaches about this process

4: How I've been paid $1,000 / hour for consulting

  • Think you can't get paid like that? Listen to this
  • Just this one secret could easily and finally put you WAY over the top
  • Fact: This one twist makes all the difference in the world

5: How do you get invited to do webinars?

  • All the "gurus" nowadays do webinars. But how do YOU get invited on 'em?
  • What if no one has ever invited you to do a webinar?
  • Who do I trust to teach webinar secrets? My best resources revealed
  • Just this formula is worth 10x the price of this seminar because in only one formula could bring you in dozens of $97 sales -- and much, much more!

6: How do you make the leap to seminars?

  • Fact: I've been invited to speak at dozens of seminars
  • Fact: There are several secrets to being an in demand seminar speaker
  • You'll get my top resources related to seminars. Don't waste money!

7: Must know information about dealing with other gurus

  • One wrong move can destroy your guru career
  • This is the ONE thing that can wreck everything
    AND, How to play the Game the right way