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From: Marlon Sanders

RE: New 13 Greatest Marketing Secrets Ever



Marlon here.


I'm be revealing and demonstrating my new 13 Greatest Repeatable Marketing Formulas -- Ever.

And a LOT more.

I've spent 26 years in this business doing it full time. I've accumulated knowledge.  Secrets.  Experience.

and what I call "Repeatable Marketing Formulas" or RMF's.

Until now, some of these things I've not revealed to anyone.  Others, I've told only to coaching clients.  And some I've taught them years ago and have a lot of new insights to share.

I'm going with you things that allowed me to have breakthroughs and marketing successes most people only dream of.  And I'll make it practical by adding in the latest breakthroughs, some of which I guarantee you've never heard from me.


Formula #1: How I create money overnight or very, very fast.  My cookie cutter formula you can swipe from me -- with the TEMPLATE

This is a cookie-cutter template.  You just follow it and I'm 100% convinced it'll work for you just as it does for me.  I show you the product, the sales page and the marketing system.

Formula #2: I've recently discovered the fastest and easiest way to make affiliate sales.  You'll be wondering why in the heck you haven't done this ALL your life.  

I believe anyone can do this even if it's your first day in marketing.  You don't even need hosting or a website.  For real.

And the sales method is easy peasy but also primo. I mean, this is a banger.  You'll eat it up.

It wouldn't surprise me if you get excited and launch one of these within 24 hours of the training. In fact, I encourage you to.

Formula #3: My Secrets of the 30-minute workday. How I personally did it for 12 years.

People say it can't be done.  I'm NOT anti "hustle" or "grind" or any of that.  There's a season for everything. But I CAN share how I personally did it.  And maybe you'll want to try out my method.

Formula #4: How I made a half million dollars in 100% pure passive income, without having to even lift a finger

The big dogs say this is impossible and you can't do it. They're wrong.  I can PROVE it.  And I'll share with you HOW I did it, so you can see what you can do.  Of course, my results aren't typical or average. But who knows what you can do with this formula until you try?

Formula #5: Here's my approach to multiple streams of income.  You'll see how easy it is to have multiple streams of income.

Again, people say you have to focus on just 1 thing. Why?  When you use my method it all works together. This is so easy peasy it's embarrassing. And it really works. Try it!

Formula #6: How I got a million visitors in a month and my newest traffic methods

If you counted up everyone who surfed the Internet with an English browser, at a point in time 1 out of every 102 of them had been to one of my websites.

I know traffic pretty darned well. I'll share with you my Formulas.  But most importantly, I'll share with you three traffic TEMPLATES that have done extremely well for me.  These are easy to put into action.

And that's not even half my formulas!  I'll share more below...

Here's Why You Need These Formulas NOW!

I believe in using Cookie Cutters.

These are formulas you repeat over and over.  The reason is it can take a lot of experimentation to find just ONE formula that works over and over.

So when I find one, I just keep repeating it as long as it works.

For example, I have sales formulas that just work over and over.  I can usually predict very accurately the results I'll get.

I LOVE cookie cutter formulas. That's why I'm excited about sharing the best of mine with you.

Here's just a sample of what I'll be unveiling...


How to Get Affiliates To Promote Your Products

  • This is the single best email or message you can send when starting out.  It's a barnburner.  (Don't screw with this one. Just use it.)
  • The easy peasy way to promote affiliate programs that pay you monthly like clockwork (I didn't invent this one but it's genius)
  • How to find the BEST affiliate products to promote that pay you every month without fail
  • Case Study:  $3475 a month offering hosting - passively

The Single Most Important Sales Formula Ever

  • I constantly refer to this 5-part formula.
  • Just this formula is worth 10x the price of this seminar because in only one formula you can predict the success or failure of other people's campaigns -- AND your own
  • Oddly enough, it's based on what corn farmers did in the 1950's
  • Actual examples from my business

The Passive Income Formula

  • 100% passive income doesn't exist but this is as close as it gets
  • How I get deposits from $600 to $1800 and more monthly
  • How to get passive income without working -- even though "they" say it can't be done.  Screw them and do this instead.

The List Building Formula

  • We know the money is in the list. Here's HOW I built my list from scratch
  • In one month in the past year I put over 6,000 names on my list with this formula
  • Solo ads, OTO's, opt ins, squeeze pages -- all the secrets worth knowing

Here's What It's NOT

  • This is NOT get-rich-quick. Getting rich takes work, effort and organization
  • This is NOT "sit-on-the-sofa" and make sales. Get off the sofa. That's how you make sales, unless you're writing or editing your sales messages!
  • This is NOT a replacement for proactive marketing like picking up the phone, content marketing or placing ads. It's an ADD-ON. A second engine to add.
  • While the case studies cover specific dollar amounts, they're not indicative of average results.  You may do more or less, depending on many factors.

You're probably wondering, "Marlon, if I DO love your 13 Greatest Marketing Secrets, how much do I pay. So I built a "cost eraser" for you.

Get My Event Free!

I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win. So I'm giving you my cost eraser bonus -- You get 90% commissions on a $67 product I created this year called Social Secrets.

This product currently makes $5.11 for every person that hits the sales page. Of course, your results will vary.

Just 2 sales and you've made paid for the event. This is my cost ERASER for you.

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When you go ahead and let the charge run through the day AFTER the event (you can cancel before then), you'll qualify for 30 days of email consultations. Just post your questions directly related to the 13 Greatest Secrets training at, and I'll answer them. 

This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.

If you don't love it, you don't pay

Attend the seminar. At the end, I'll give out instructions on how to cancel. So in the unlikely event, you don't feel (in your opinion) that you got 10x the value, just follow the very easy instructions to cancel (no hassles).

Invite your spouse and kids at no additional cost

Maybe your spouse, son or daughter could use some of the 13 Greatest Formulas. You're welcome to have them view the live stream with you. Yes, the event WILL BE RECORDED.

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