Join me for 10 days of live streams where i light a fire under you and get you so jacked up to launch you can't stand it.

(Whether you are a new prouct creator, coach, network marketer, or online marketer, this works!)

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New bonus 1: Two in-depth trainings on how to build your audience with free traffic
New bonus 2: How to create and sell $47 products the way I do
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From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

Launching is the key to your prosperity.

Here's my big, fat, juicy promise to you:

I'm going to light a fire under you for 10 days. I'm going to get you jacked up about launching.


Just follow my 10-day Easy Launch System. I'll walk you through it step-by-step on the live streams AND IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.

That's right. We have live streams (recorded and transribed for you).

We have a Facebook group.


Launch early.

Launch hard.

Launch often.

That's our manifesto.

You can watch a short video about the Launch Manifesto here:

I'm gonna give you the steps.

I'm gonna give you checklists.

I'm gonna give you the Easy Launch cheat sheet.

Follow the steps and you WILL get launched. Imagine the thrill of getting those sales notifications!

Use my Easy Launch System for just 10 days. Join me on the live streams. Or watch the replays in the FB group and member's area.

If you're a first-time launcher, you'll finally get your product launched.  

And if you're a veteran or experienced marketer who has done launches before, you'll get my secets and hacks for doing it easier and faster for more money.

1.  It works for coaches
2.  It works for authors
3.  It works for info sellers
4.  It works for digital marketers
5.  It works for online businesses
6.  It works for anyone who wants to launch info products.

Would you like to know my 10-day Easy Launch System for whipping up a product literally within minutes.  And having the launch out in 10-days or less?

* WITHOUT hiring ANY employees

* WITHOUT nightmare partners

* WITHOUT tech problems

* WITHOUT endless self doubt

* WITHOUT hassles or worries

* WITHOUT working day and night

* WITHOUT bugging friends

* WITHOUT reciprocal mailings

* WITHOUT recruiting affiliates

See, you choose the amount of money you want to make.  Then you find YOUR way to get it.

I'll show you how to launch WITHOUT affiliates, unless you want them.  I'll show you how to use 100% free, organic traffic to build your audience, following and list.

You get to do it YOUR WAY.  The 10-Day Easy Launch System will simply help you get more sales, faster and easier.

It works for the rawest newbie. Or the veteran with a lot on the ball.

My job is to light a fire under you to launch.

My job is to get you excited.

My job is to get your brain exploding with products ideas.

My job is to show you how to launch at lightspeed -- without hassles, problems or all the crap you get with other launch systems.

My job is to show you how to make your launches make more money.

My job is to show you how to GET AN AUDIENCE for your launches (See bonus 1).

If you're an experienced launcher or you've launched in the past, my job is to light a fire under you.

To get you excited again.

To get you going with the LAUNCH MANIFESTO:  Launch early, launch hard and launch often!

My job is to pain a BIGGER PICTURE and vision for pain-free launching than you've ever seen before.

To get you more excited about your products and launches than ever before.


I bet you can make more money.

I bet you're leaving money on the table.

I bet your mindset has been drug down in the pits with stupid crap other people teach you about launching. Stuff that has stuck in your head.

And made launching such a drag you don't want to do it.  But all that's about to change NOW!

I'll light a fire under your mindset.  And get you bringing in profits with FUN and excitement.

If you're a newbie, i KNOW. I get it.  I done read your mind. You say: 

"Marlon, how can I launch when I have no product, no customers and I haven't even made my first buck yet."

I'm going to show you how to bulid your audience and list.

I'm going to show you how to launch WITH NO LIST.

Here's what I know.

The single BEST way to get money in this business is to launch.  Then launch again.  

Like if you're a newbie, your goal is to do launch one. For good, bad or ugly. That's your goal.

Do THAT and you made a freaking HUGE accomplishment.

If you do more, that's awesome. You start low, go slow. Get fire, go higher.  There are people who knock it out of the ballpark their first try or two. But that's the exception, not the rule.

So the 10-day Easy Launch System will show you HOW to launch and how to get sales.  And it includes specific training for newbies to help you know how to launch.

Yes, it tells you ways to get traffic and eyeballs on your offers.  Yes, it shows how to create products without stress, strain, struggle or technical nightmares.

You don't even need software, although I do use a free software that is pretty cool.

I'm talking being able to spin up a full product in 2 or 3 hours that people will love, love, love.

Yes, it tells you how to get affiliate sales without even trying hard.  Even though the easiest traffic for this is social media.

But I'd say the main way it'll help you is this:  If you own my other products but haven't actionized, productized and profitized, then the 10-Day Easy Launch System can help you get going, make sales and get big momentum.

In other words, if you have my other products but haven't acted on them and turned them into sales, this will give you the path to put your knowledge into action.

Give it a shot and you'll see.

It's fun.  It works.  It's easy.  It's doable. It's practical. What more could you ask for?

Getting your first launch under your belt is HUGE.  I don't care how many sales you make or if you make sales.

What's important is you get in MOTION. You want to know why?

Because an objection in motion tends to do what?  What did Isaac Newton say?  It tends to STAY in motion.

I want to GET you in motion so you STAY in motion. Because that's what leads to sales, profits and an exciting future no matter what the economy does.

I'm trying to be real here. And fair.

I don't care if you're a newbie trying to make your first buck.

But Marlon, I'm No Newbie. I Know How To Bring In The Dough.  What The Will Your 10 Day Easy Launch System Do FOR ME?  

See, I'm like you.  We create products.

And we get money in the door.

What I can guarantee is this:  i'M GOING to light a fire under you via my live streams (recordings provided).  Me, you and a few other excited, switched on launchers.  You'll have greater focus. You'll have more clarity.  You'll be more targeted in your action...even if you're experienced.

We're going to be together IN A DEDICATED FACEBOOK GROUP.  It's going to be a transformational experience you won't want to miss.

This little 10-day Easy Launch System of mine can be a real game changer for you.

I say that simply because of my own experience.  I'm using it myself.  And it's working gangbusters. It's just that simple.

Use it.  Do it.  Your income WILL go up.

And if for some bizarre reason it doesn't (which frankly I can't imagine), then message me on my support desk, tell me your bottleneck, and I'll give you something to help you with that.


✅ The secret of spinning up products fast -- without struggle or hassle.  (I personally spin up products in 1 to 3 hours with this system)

✅  Where do you find your audience, how do you build your audience for free and how to launch with a tiny list or following (I remove the excuses and show you how to get in motion).

✅ Exactly how to spin up your launch, promote your launch and make bank. (Once you know how to do this, you can't forget it!  You'll have the power once and for all.  I know a lot of Power Players who don't even use this method. It's mystifying!)

✅ Where and how to get all the product ideas you need and more! (Product ideas are so easy.  I'll show you how to have a boatload of them).

✅ Why you only need 30 minutes or an hour a day for your launch. Two hours max.  (People think you need to do this endless, gruelling, soul-sucking checklist.  You don't).

✅ What to do AFTER your launch that's the key to REAL profits (Hardly anyone does THIS.  You're going to be very excited when you learn this)

✅ Why people who dread launching are DEAD wrong (I'll turn you on to the real excitement and JOY of launching.  Half the things you've heard or think about it are from people who don't get it.)

✅ Get my sales page template that never fails me (I spin up sales pages super fast with this template.  And it's never failed me.)

✅ How to deliver your offers without even paying a dime for software. (Literally, there are no obstacles to launching. No excuses.  It's all green lights.)

✅ How to know within 5 minutes which product to launch next. (It's critical you don't get bogged down in the paralysis of analysis.  Motion beats inaction.)

✅ The one attitude that makes all the difference in the world between profits and lack of profits  (I see people maket his mistake all the time.  But you won't.  I won't let you.)

✅ A CRAZY launch strategy for bringing in the maximum number of sales possible. (I NEVER see this done.  But it's amazing how well it works.)

✅ How to set the "right price" for your product (Instead of debating, analyzing and stewing around forever, just use this method.)

✅  What to do if your launch isn't getting "traction." (It happens.  I'll show you a couple easy tweaks that work for me.)

✅  The ironclad, "Thou shalt not violate it" rule of audience building and money getting.  (This is a revelation to most. And will make an immediate impact from day one on.)

✅  Complete step-by-step training. (I give you an assignment each day.)

This isn't everything.  I'll also respond to issues and topics that come up in the live streams.

Here's Why I'm sharing my 10-Day Easy Launch SYSTEM INSTEAD OF KEEPING IT AS MY SECRET

People sometimes wonder, "Marlon, are you just doing this for the money?"

And the truth is, I'm a for profit business. So of course. And so should you.

But that's not the ONLY reason I'm doing it.

See, I want to turn as many people onto launching like this as I can.  It's good for the industry. It's satisfying to see people actually succeed and get going and start making sales and money.

Or even see experienced people and veterans get a whole new approach to and attitude about launching.

Of course, nothing here represents that you will make money.  But if you're stuck on something, message me on the support desk. I'll give you a free training to get you unstuck. Or direct you to something that will help.

introducing the  10-Day Easy Launch System THAT ALLOWS ME TO launch new products DAILY, WEEKLY AND MONTHLY with no stress, strain or worries

Whether you're launched before or this is your first rodeo, come join me.  Let's get you launched!  Let's get you in motion.   Let's get you going .

Act now and you can end the month on a big bang!

you get me on fire for 10 days on live streams (or the recordings) lighting a fire under you...and giving you my step-by-step easy launch system

Step One: Just click add to cart. And purchase.  There's a disccount for taking fast action.

Step Two: Kick back and watch the trainings ALREADY in the member's area.  From the second you jump on board, I'll be inspiring and giving you the know how to get it done.

Step Three: Join me for the live stream every morning around 9 EST for 10 days.  Or watch the replay daily. Do the daily assignments. Then you can get YOUR product launched and have thechance to enjoy immediate sales and cash.

That's how easy it is to get started.

Step Four: I'm just telling you. If you follow the steps and assignments, you WILL get launched.  But if for some incredible reason you do it religiously as I explain and don't see results in relatively short order, then hit me up on my support desk (don't email).

I'll find out what the bottleneck was. And give you a free training on THAT.  So you CAN get results with the Easy Launch System.

I'm about RESULTS.  Not just selling you something.

Here Are Just A Few Other benefits of using the 10-day easy launch system that makes it different from anything else you've heard or tried

  • You'll stop stewing over whether or not your idea is good and just launch. This alone is a game changer.
  • You get 10 days of motivation, inspiration and practical know how
  • You won't get bogged down in horribly complicated flow charts and launch procedures. We keep it simple and doable.
  • You'll have assignments that are simple and practical.  Inch by inch anything is a cinch.
  • You get a member's area with additional launch resources to help you, so you have everything you need to start.
  • You'll get my own personal sales copy formula, so writing your sales letters finally makes sense.
  • You can ask me questions on the daily live streams.
  • You really can't screw it up. This method is so simple, common sense and practical, it just flat out works.

all you do is attend the live streams or watch the recordings. Do the assignments.  You'll launch in 10 days. and have the potential to bank sales and cash asap.

I give you everything you need to get launched and get sales or get MORE sales.

Here's what you get when you order today:

1.  You'll get access to the member's area where I show you how I do 4-and-5-figure launches anytime I want. (No big pre-launch. No gazillion point checklists.  Just pure simplicity.)

2.  You get a video of me showing how to write your sales pages -- with or without A.I.

3. You get two in-depth trainings on how to build your audience and list using free methods.

4.  There's even an A to Z training for you.

5.  You get all that BEFORE the 10 days even starts.

5.  If for some bizarre reason you do the 10-day Easy Launch Assignments as I teach it for the full 10 days and don't see a tangible result, just message me on the support desk. Tell me what you need help with as it relates to the ritual.  And I'll give you something free or direct you to something that will help.

I care about your success. Not just your money. But to be clear, this is a substitution guarantee, not a moneyback guarantee.  I'm investing my time and energy to help you. That's why.

6.  You get a full-blown PDF that shows how to launch from 0 to launched.  

7.  You get checklists and cheat sheets to boil things down and make them actionable.

8.  You get my easy system for coming up with all the product ideas you'll ever need.

9.  You'll stop killing yourself with the paralysis of analysis and just launch instead.  

10.  Bonus videos, bonus product, bonus coaching and more.

11.  You get updates on what's working for me personally right now.

12.  You get a replacement guarantee. If you're unhappy  for any reason, I'll replace the produce with another of equal or greater value.

13.  You get 30 days of email follow up support. So if you have a question, you can get an answer.


Four Live Coaching Sessions Where I Answer Any Questions You Have

In case you have questions, I'm giving you 4 bonus live coaching sessions where you can get your questions answer.  

Plus, you have 30-days of email support at 



In case you have questions, I'm giving you 30 days of email support where you can get your questions answer.  

Plus, you have 30-days of email support at 

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, 

Because I'm absolutely, positively so confident in The Easy Launch System, I'll make this ironclad guarantee.

Get The  Easy Launch System. Put it to your acid test. If for any reason whatsoever you're dissatisfied with the product, I'll replace it with another product of equal or greater value.

You can post a request 24/7 at

That's how confident I am in this Secret.

To order the 10-Day Easy Launch System, just click the ADD TO CART button below. You can pay using any major credit card, e-check, or from your PayPal account balance.

The 10-Day Easy Launch System is 10 live daily live streams digitally delivered, along with the Member's area content, so you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to everything you've just read about. Works for both PC and Mac users.

GEt the 10-day easy launch system today

If you need assistance to place your order or have any questions just go to and Tim would be happy to assist you.

Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders 

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