The fastest, easiest way I know to Virtually create Auto-Pilot Income

Yes, It’s true. The money actually does come in on the closest thing I know of to autopilot, once you set it up and maintain it daily or weekly. Best of all, it’s designed to get you $100-$200, and even more, per day.  To be clear, 100% auto-pilot income doesn't exist. But this IS the closest thing I know of to it.

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You missed out!


Marlon here.

If you’d like to make money in the closest way I know to “autopilot” that really and truly works, then this is the most important letter you’ve read in a long, long time. 

What do you want per day? $50? $100? $200? More?


My name is Marlon Sanders. I’ve sold over 70,000 products online. And yes, I can prove that.

I’ve taught Internet Marketing Fulltime since 1997. And one of the things that practically causes me to lose sleep at night is seeing people buy an endless parade of 20-minute a day methods to get $200 a dat that DO NOT work. Never did. Never will.

In truth, there’s only one method I know of that takes anything remotely resembling 20 minutes a day that is designed to make $100, $200 a day — and potentially MORE. But I NEVER see anyone teach it. If you want a job done right, do it yourself 

And no, true 100% autopilot money is rare.  So while this isn't 100% autopilot money, it's the next best thing!

Worse than that, Making Sales and Money as an affiliate isn’t as simple as it was in the old days, Here’s WHY

In the old days, affiliate could stick articles on, get ranked on Google and BOOM! Instant list building. Making money as an affiliate was EASY. But guess what. Google rained bigtime on the parade of affiliates around the world.


It’s as if they were on a mission to destroy small mom-and-pop affiliates. That’s why NEW METHODS and a new MODEL are needed.

After agonizing over this problem for the past several years, and studying the practices of dozens of affliates who ARE doing well, I FINALLY uncovered a new model that can work for affiliates all over the world in EVERY niche imaginable, with every type of product and services you can think of. Here’s what I’m revealing.

  • What are the best sources of traffic that have prayer of breaking even or lining your pockets with cash
  • How do you makes sales when sales are hard to come b
  • Are autoresponders still important? Should you use them? Why or why not?
  • Is it HYPE to say that you can make money on “virtual overnight?” Is there any truth to it AT ALL? Or is sit the greatest lie ever told?
  • How do you avoid chasing rabbits that can costs you thousands and thousands of dollars sand swipe days, months and years from you and your future goals? (People might as well snort cocaine as to buy these products, software programs and methods. They both end up in the same destination… HADES)
  • What program did I build my business on the back of?
  • What CAN you do in 20 minutes a day that is virtually guaranteed to make you more money? (When you learn this, you’ll see why I say it’s virtually guaranteed)
  • What lies are people being told that people are buying into in MASS?
  • What about page builders? Do you need one? Which should you buy and why?

Since Hardly Any Products About Affiliate Marketing Have A Goal of “Autopilot Income” and Very Few Build Lists In A Way That Will Actually Make a Profit, I Had to Come Up with A Model Very Different from What Others Are Teaching

The solutions for affiliates out there all have fatal flaws. Some focus on “CPA” offers where you’re not building a list which is a horrible mistake.

Others teach time-consuming methods that don’t have a prayer of bringing in anything remote resembling autopilot cash. Others don’t work now and never worked to begin with. They just “pitch good” and get lots of sales.

And then some don’t work in ALL niches for ALL kinds of products and services they are very limited. Finally, some require you to “buy in” or “position” yourself for thousands of dollars so you then have a chance to earn commissions.

After exploring many alternatives and dozens of affiliate models and practices, I’ve found ONE that will work for you. You do NOT need to “buy in” or “position” yourself.

You do NOT need further training to implement it (other than what you can get for free on Youtube).

You WILL be building a list and creating a business that lasts.


Finally, you have a true, practical model that is designed to bring you in $50, $100, $200, $300 a day and potentially even more. The sky is really the limit.

And after setting it up, you need as little as 20-minutes a few hours on weekends for “maintenance.”  It could be more or less, depending on your situation.

Here’s what’s UNIQUE and DIFFERENT about my info than other things you may have bought.

  • Virtual Autopilot - You’ll finally be able to earn commission on virtual autopilot using a sound, practical system. Again, true autopilot does not exist. But this is the closest thing I've found to it.
  • Daily Money - You’ll not only build your list, but you’ll be able to go on vacation or take a week or two off and STILL have money coming in daily.
  • Easy to Understand - You will NOT need to buy more programs to do this unless you want to. It’s a simple, easy-to-understand model anyone can use.

Clever Twist Almost No One Teaches. Set it Up. Let it Bring In Cash

While this method is NOT new, it uses a clever TWIST almost no one teaches.

First of all, you only do the “work” once, if you can even call it that. Then with a little updating every day or week, you’re good to go. The money just keeps coming in. The more time you put into the system, the more you can make. It’s really up to you how much you make.

Several disclaimers: One, there is no such things as 100% autopilot cash. Everything does take setup and maintenance, no matter what it is.

Two, there’s no guarantee of income. You could do better or worse than I have.

Three, it does take time to set up.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

Having said that, this is the single best method I know that is 100% legit and truly works.

The Fastest Way
Gives You 6 Big Benefits

  • Benefit #1 - You’ll know exactly how you’ll make money and how to grow the amount you make if you want to
  • Benefit #2 - You’ll get my step-by-step instructions on the inside workings of design, the sales method and the secret sauce.
  • Benefit #3 - Once in full swing, you can take weeks off and still have money coming in as often as daily — without doing anything
  • Benefit #4 - You can use your Affiliate System as the basis to sell a back end coaching program or other training.
  • Benefit #5 - The system sets up other affiliates all lined up eager to promote.
  • Benefit #6 - Nearly every niche, market, target audience, occupation, industry or hobby can profit this system!
  • And many more…

Proof That The System Works

Not very many know, understand or use this exact system.

  1. One of my friends set up this method and DOMINATED an entire industry for several years

  2. Another friend of mine talked to a mega player in our industry. He’s using this exact method at 10x level. No one would have ever guessed it. That’s the great thing. Others will have NO IDEA how you’re doing it! So you don’t have to lose sleep over competition.

  3. I’ve been using a variation of this for years very successfully.

You Get A Very Special Extra Newsletter For FREE!

I created a newsletter called THE TRAFFIC REVOLUTION to help you GET TRAFFIC to the affiliate products your promote. You can never have too much traffic. And there’s so much nonsense about it, straight talk is hard to come by. So I’m giving you a special newsletter to give you total clarity. But ONLY if you order today.

Here’s WHY I’m Selling This Way Too Stinkin’ Cheap

This is GREAT info. I could easily be charging much more. However, I KNOW around 10% of the buyers of this will want to snag one of the 3 upsells you’ll see when you order. I BET you’ll want one of ‘em because they’re great offers. Of course, just click “no thanks” if you don’t.

For clarity, the quickstart training was recorded live. Based on the total values above, you can see I could easily sell this system for $100-$164. Why? Because you already spend so much money and time on things that don’t work. 

However, I won’t charge you that price because I know around 10% of buyers will likely want to snag 1 of 3 upsells because the offers are so enticing.


In fact, I won’t charge you even $50 (which is less then a half of the total value). You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 (see price below) if you act fast.


This product is rarely available. And usually only for a few days, if that.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive my product for 30 days with NO RISK! If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and we’ll return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

This is the ONLY page on which you’ll find this offer. When the timer hits 0, the offer will no longer be available.


You missed out!

While I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money as I don’t know you, I can guarantee to reveal the exact method I’ve used for big profits. In fact, I can’t fathom you NOT making money when you use the method as explained.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders 
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